Brisbane Flood Information (maps & other info)

The Brisbane City Council site is now live and stable.

Please go there first! I cannot guarantee my information will remain accurate!

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Last updated: 10:45pm, Thu 13 Jan 2011

PLEASE NOTE: This site is only temporary. It will be pulled down once the floods have passed.

*** I am not in any way affiliated with Brisbane City Council ***

Please be sure to check you can access the Brisbane City Council site first:



If you can, please volunteer your assistance.

Volunteering QLD's website is experiencing incredibly heavy loads as people offer to volunteer.




Brisbane Road Closures

These are some resources for identifying road closures in Brisbane


Flood modelling maps

These maps indicate predicted areas which may be flooded by Wednesday's high tide.
These were last updated at 11pm Tuesday night.


Sandbag Locations

This is the full list of sandbag locations:

Please be advised all sandbag pick up locations are experiencing high demand and there may be a significant wait time to collect sandbags.


Flood Flag Maps for Brisbane City area

The BCC has now put up a temporary site of their own so you can access the maps and other important flood info! Try going there first (if it's working)

All maps are now available. If you have any questions, please email me: greg [at]

What are these maps, exactly?
These maps were sourced from the Brisbane City Council website linked above before it went down. I am not responsible for the information in them or any damages/losses you may experience as a result of trusting them.

These maps are projections of how water will flow during heavy rainfall / flood conditions in your suburb. They are not maps of current water levels!

Look at the map legend to interpret the colours.
Overland Flow Path means "Overland flow is the excess run-off during high rainfall events that travels overland following low-lying, natural drainage paths. Such flooding commonly occurs when underground drainage exceeds capacity."

Maps are ONLY for Brisbane City Council. Other councils do not produce maps. See below this list for some help with other locations.

Prefer to search by map instead of a list? Check out this map from Triple J.


Need info for areas outside of Brisbane?

I don't have much at the moment, but this might help:


Special thanks to Stephen Dann, sendai (more than 20 maps!), HeathC, miranda, metasprite, aneesha and nicodonnell who contributed maps when the BCC could not.

Extra special thanks to Nicholosophy for helping assemble the full and complete list above.

Updated design thanks to Erin Campbell and Darryl King


How can I help?

DONATE to the flood relief appeal!
If you do only one thing, do that.

Please remain calm

Please don't panic and be sure to respect your fellow Brisbane residents who are just as worried as you are.
This is a time to band together and help each other out. Be sure to look out for one another, ok?


Some flood maps of Redlands are available

Thank you to Simon Griffiths for creating these image maps